What We Do

CyberComm Marketing, LLC has been helping
businesses utilize the Internet since 1999.

CyberComm helps businesses reach the public and keep in touch with their customers, integrating their website with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most business owners don’t have the knowledge how they all work, much less the time it takes to use them effectively. Social Media isn’t like a website used to be where you just put one up and then waited for people to come to it. Social Media is different. They call it “social” for a reason! You have to use it frequently for it to be effective. You also need to understand which market is more apt to use which one, and adjust accordingly.

Our Internet marketing program, including our online directories, social media integration, and marketing tools will help your business reach more of the ever increasing fragmented marketplace in your area.

1. The 1st place where your business info will be listed is our online business card site, OurCityInfo.com.┬áThis is “The business card supply that never runs out”. This is also where you go to create your card. You can create your account with your own login and password, with the ability to go back and change your information anytime. It’s this information that we link to from WeFixFloors.com. When someone clicks on the city that you have reserved and is listed on WeFixFloors.com, it’s linked to your business card at MyCardSupply.com.
2. We also have a Facebook page associated with our repair sites. If you have a Facebook page, “Like” our page and follow us. We will do the same and we can share the posts from your Facebook page to give your business more exposure, helping to find you when searching on Facebook.
3. Your info will be listed on LetUsFixIt.com, which is our portal site that links to all our repair sites. This site is not exclusive where only one business per city is shown, but when someone searches for any service in your area, all businesses will be listed. Even if they are not looking for your particular service, your business will be seen. So it does put your name and info in front of them. If for anything else, they will come back to find you later when they need your service.


Other tools and services that may interest you.

One of the biggest problems that businesses have is determining whether an advertising campaign or channel is working or not. Whether it’s yellow pages, newspaper, an online service or website, or just the high school football program, it’s impossible to tell what’s working or not. Where are the calls coming from? What’s working and what’s not? CyberComm provides a service that can help unravel the confusion.
We can provide you with a local or toll free phone that you can place on an ad, website, facebook page, or anywhere you want to see the response that comes from a particular source. The phone number is then redirected to the phone number that you want to ring. The originating number from the person calling still shows up on your caller ID, but a record is made of the call that includes the info of the originating #, date & time of call, and how long you talked. If you decide to point the forwarding number to another phone, we’ll change it once a month at no charge. We can send you this list of calls made for the preceding month, quarter, or anytime you want to see how many calls were made thru the forwarding number.
The fee for the service is $4.95 a month, plus 5 cents a minute. The $4.95 can be charged on a month to month basis. The cost for minutes can be invoiced every quarter or so, since this cost is usually not much. Give us a call if you have any questions.