Leather Upholstery Repair Costa Mesa CA

offers furniture upholstery repair in Anaheim & Orange County, CA.

We have specialized in vinyl & leather upholstery repair for 15 years.  As a result, you can believe we can repair your furniture upholstery with success. That also includes auto upholstery repair in the Anaheim CA area.

We have years of experience in furniture upholstery repair. We have years of experience in furniture upholstery repair. Because of that, Leather Repair OC can repair and restore a wide variety of damaged furniture. We can repair leather upholstery in Aliso Viejo, as well as plastics, vinyl, and fabric.  Moreover, we are mobile and can come to you.

Leather upholstery repairs Anaheim CA on leather couches and leather recliners repaired

Most of the work we perform is on home furniture and vehicle interiors. But we also work in the aviation, medical, marine, and office environments.

After the upholstery repair, we restore the area, because we can create a custom color on-site to blend perfectly. On top of the color we apply a protective sheen, therefore, it matches the rest of your furniture. In a short time, you can be back in business, and it comes with a warranty. Also, furniture can be disassembled, therefore making it fit through narrow doorways or stairs.

We’re Environmentally Friendly

Use of Chemicals? uses predominately water-based products, therefore there’s less odor and less chemical waste. Some finishing processes require the use of more traditional products. In that case, we will ensure adequate ventilation or simply work on the piece outside of the home.

We repair wear and tear that’s an eye sore and can be seen from a distance. We also can come to your home, because we are mobile.  Furniture is expensive, so repairing instead of buying new furniture can save you thousands of dollars.


We also clean and protect your upholstery. General soiling & especially body oils are leather’s worst enemy. We suggest cleaning at least once a year. That’s because exposure to UV light & natural body oils build up over time. The leather wipes people sometimes buy don’t really work. They just move the dirt around and doesn’t help the furniture. In other words, let us solve your problem. Sometines it’s hard to see the dirt in the crevices, so it needs cleaning once in a while. After cleaning,  we add protection against dirt and body oils. Leather is a beautiful product, and cleaning your investment is wise.

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